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Schuyler Whetstone’s Numerology

Life Path 7

Your Life Path Number points to the types of circumstances, people and work environment in which you will often find yourself surrounded. It is the path you will walk to fulfill your Destiny Number. Your Destiny Number is who you can become and your Life Path Number is who you already are.

7: The Natural Scholar
Here are the keywords associated with this Life Path: teacher, professor, scientist, analyst, researcher, musician, computer geek, engineer, writer, publishing, law/attorney, photographer, holistic and alternative health, spiritual and esoteric pursuits, religious devotion, medicine, surgery, oceanographer, physicist, psychic, numerologist, genius, specialist, expert, unusual diet/health regimens, philosophy, mathematics, skeptic, aesthete, solitude, study.

Schuyler, regardless of what your heart desires, this path finds you in or around the pursuit of facts, truth, meaning, information and a state of purity – often alone or with others in solitude. It speaks to unusual acquaintances and brings you into the orbits of higher learning, highly regarded institutes and analysis. Often we find Life Path 7’s around the law and publishing in various forms such as books, music and blogging. It speaks to engineering and all technological frontiers and products, as well as the total opposite worlds of yoga instruction, psychic phenomenon, astrology, Buddhism, meditation, sound healing and various other esoteric pursuits. Veganism and vegetarianism are some Life Path 7 habits. They may have homes or find themselves in environments that are unique, spare and exceedingly modern. On the path of a seeker of truth, there may be a proclivity to fanaticism, intellectual snobbery and isolation. On the positive side, thank you for your keen wisdom and brilliant observations.

Soul Number 9

Your Soul Number describes what lies within your heart, creates joy and fascinates you at the deepest level. Unless your Soul Number matches your Maturity Number, to fully understand who you are may take some time.

For you, Citizen of the World, peace and equal opportunity are important. At your innermost core, you are a natural humanitarian and genteel bohemian. It’s likely you have a deep respect for benevolent leadership and power when utilized for the benefit of all. Infringement of civil rights makes you hot under the collar, and charitable organizations pull at your heartstrings. Fairness is the key to your heart and you are intrigued by politics. Tremendous wisdom and keen intuition lie within you. Equal opportunity for all brings you great joy and you have both a soft spot and tremendous appreciation for classical art and artists. You could be an old soul and therefore frustrated by the more sinister people and events of the world. The antidote for you will always be compassion and tolerance. Your secret fear: being taken advantage of. Antidote: Remember that you don’t have to give until it hurts – you.

Personality Number 5

Your Personality Number describes your ego and the public face you use to survive in the world. The real you is often hidden, unless your Soul Number matches your Personality Number.

Schuyler, you may be perceived by others as exciting, magnetic, sensual, flirtatious, sexy, wild, irresistible, free, talkative, charismatic, nonjudgmental, adventurous, well-travelled, knowing, forward thinking, trendsetting, unconventional, superficial, addictive, transformative, outgoing, athletic, youthful, cutting edge, brilliant, dynamic, life of the party.

Destiny Number 5

Your Destiny Number shows the direction in which you are meant to grow. It describes your potential, your opportunities for success and who you are meant to become.

Schuyler, your mission is to explore freedom, break through boundaries, question the status quo and bring trends and a new way of thinking and being to the world. Your motto is “don’t fence me in” and you will bring adventure and a love of sports, nature and the great outdoors to all you do. The restaurant industry, social networking club, gaming, event planning, stock brokerage, rock star/celebrity, TV personality, travel advisor – you are destined to make us all feel connected, welcome and ahead of the curve.

Maturity Number 3

Your Maturity Number is where your true power lies. It reflects your evolved self and fully develops between the ages 37 to 42.

Schuyler, with this Maturity Number, people are naturally lit up by your enthusiasm and love of life. Your popularity will grow; life will become easier and more joyful. Creativity takes center stage and the need to be fully self-expressed brings great fun and enjoyment. Count on more friends and financial rewards in later years, and a youthful appearance.

Power Number 3

Your Power Number describes your primary and instinctive approach to everything.

Schuyler, your Power Number is Three: creative, enthusiastic, joyful, dramatic, emotional and fun

Birthday Number 7

The Day of Month you were born reveals both innate challenges and the natural gifts you were given to fulfill your destiny. So check your Destiny Number and see what you have to make it happen.

Mysterious, private, eccentric and wise: Schuyler, you like to keep things to yourself and you’re careful whom you allow into your inner circle. You like to analyze everything and everyone – remember to keep an open mind and that feelings are important, too.

Love Number 3

Schuyler, your true love is a global citizen of the world – an old soul highly concerned and educated about global events and keenly interested in other cultures. Picture yourself roaming around the planet, literally or on the Internet, arm in arm with your beloved and your wild group of international friends discussing art and politics. You fall for the poet, the foreigner, the highly educated bohemian, the artist, the humanitarian or the born leader with plenty of wisdom. Generosity and concern for fairness warm your heart, and these qualities are sure to make you feel safe. Selfishness, intolerance, elitism and injustice turn you off. No snobs or greedy hogs allowed!

And finally, Schuyler, your true love will likely be youthful, articulate, inspiring, enthusiastic, creative, optimistic and humorous.

First Name Number 3

Your First Name Number describes how you behave, as well as what you need to develop on your path of growth. It describes what everyone knows about you, that you probably don’t know about yourself.

Schuyler, you’re a character – you use charm and enthusiasm to bring joy to others. Your path of evolution is to express yourself creatively.

Daily numbo

Your Daily Numbo will give you the forecast and flavor of the day – you can even have it delivered daily to your device.

Learn a fun phrase in another language and share it on Facebook® or Twitter™. It’s important today to spread awareness of other cultures through the universal language of laughter.

numbo Month Forecast

Your Numbo Monthly Forecast is especially helpful for understanding why you feel as you do during this month, and avoiding pushing for something if the timing isn’t quite right. It’s only four weeks, so strike while the iron is hot or chill out and wait for the next wave.

Schuyler, there is a slight slowdown and contemplative energy to this month. You’ll want to pay attention to details and go over the fine print. It’s an excellent opportunity to take a breath, make some time to relax and let others help you. This is also a great month to host a small gathering with old friends and to indulge in romance. You may be feeling a bit needy – no whining! If you need a hug, just ask for one. Balance is important and ensuring your surroundings are filled with beauty and harmony will bring peace.

numbo Year Forecast

Your Numbo Year highlights the current “vibe” and your best opportunities - it changes every year on your birthday. Knowing and going with the flow gives you a fantastic edge!

Schuyler, it’s just business! This year your personal and career success, as well as financial growth, take center stage. This is a great time to focus on making money, take on a large project, invest and manifest your dreams. You find yourself feeling ambitious and more ready than ever to claim your personal power. Speaking of power: although it’s a great year to go on a power trip, you may find yourself in a power struggle: to come out ahead and succeed, embrace the true essence of power, which is not the same thing as force! Work hard in this “rubber meets the road” year. Everything you do has major traction. Establish financial goals, take on leadership and/or become the boss. There is a natural authority to you and success is in the air. Spend money wisely, mostly to make money, and resist the urge to throw it around. A lot may come in, but a lot may go right back out for expenses. Keep your eyes on the prize, look for deals, and even your expenditures will bring rewards. Pay attention to your health. Instant karma is also in the air: good deeds with good intentions bring speedy rewards, and the opposite will leave you saying “Ouch!” faster than you can say, “What did I do?”

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